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Located: Gilbert, Az

Education: KCAD - BFA Digital Media

About: My fascination with technology goes back as far back as I can remember, some of my earliest memories are hunting and pecking the keys of a MS-DOS computer. From there forward, and somewhere between my first MSpaint scribbles and worst Photoshop faceswaps, I’ve watched technology grow hoping that one day I would be able to contribute.

A few years after that, and I'm a designer who is still passionate about software. I often find myself pondering about design thinking's potential to solve problems both within and outside of technology. My position titles may seem across the board to some, but throughout my career and personal life, I’ve experimented with as many programs as I could. This has allowed me to choose proper tools wisely, to stay efficient, and to feed my curiosity. Deep down I am still a bit of a Photoshop guy, but I've grown to love Sketch, Axure, and I've been expanding my horizons by learning some vanilla Javascript to automate some design related tasks. When I’m not on my computer, I usually spend time with my wife, and our two dogs. I am a lifelong snowboarder, traveler, and artist.

If you would like to know anything else, feel free to email me.
Thanks - Tony

Tony Ellison Photo