Discovery & Research

Signatures & Rosters

When we first started by interviewing VNN’s partner athletic directors, we discovered that they would often have to pressure their staff into collecting parent signatures for any waivers or forms required by the school’s conference. Also, we found that collecting signatures was the school’s primary way of updating the yearly roster changes. Entering player information manually from a pile of forms created extra work, and caused some of VNN’s other products to be neglected. Our partner schools came to us trying to build a web presence, but now the additional problems they had were no longer solved by the tools that were given to them.


Almost every school district had a different set of requirements when it came to registering students for programs/teams. I realized that although many of our partner schools asked for the same thing, our products still needed to be somewhat configurable to meet the needs of the edge case schools. In order for this product to be successful, flexibility was needed for what documents/forms should be included, signed, and how each school was collecting payments.

Original Staff Personae

Forms & Fees

Talking to schools about the current method of assigning forms to programs and fee collection, revealed that they all needed to be attached either season wide or attached on a per program basis.


Serving Schools & Communities.

VNN’s Registration product served two types of users. Staff needing to manage their school’s program documents, payments, and fees. And parents/guardians reviewing, paying, and signing up for the programs. Regulations set by our school’s different conferences meant that our system needed to be functionally similar, but flexible to meet their different needs.

Staff User Flow Original Staff User Flows

Parent/Guardian User Flow Original Parent/Guardian Userflow

Wireframes registration prototype2

Prototype registration prototype2


Visual Design

VNN’s product suite design language had been clearly defined before registration’s development began. However this was one of the first projects I was able to contribute on as a designer, so I felt that even though the visual design seemed to be a small detail, it was still an important lesson to understand where branding, development, and clear communication all met.


registration prototype2

Registration Manager

Registration Manager Design Examples


Before the initial release, we learned how to improve our payment management system. Some schools wanted to use the product as a free service to their communities and had no need to monetize the process. After completion, VNN’s Registration product gave schools a convenient way to update team rosters to keep their content fresh and organized. The content being generated by registration also helped by laying the groundwork for VNN’s future line of product releases.