Discovery & Research


While interviewing our partner athletic directors we heard a reoccurring theme of how scheduling events within the conference was a mess. Some of the athletic directors would have to meet, share schedules, and work out a complicated schedule that would work for all their schools.


Past Iterations

I learned about all the other scheduling products out there that had tried, but only ever scratched the surface of their school’s needs. After gaining a clear understanding of other programs issues and our school’s needs, we needed to breakdown the details of every team event our system supported in order to make sure we also didn’t fall short of our school’s expectations.

Old Product Sitemap


Initial Wireframes & Sketches

This project was first started behind the scenes while one of our other products was in development. VNN’s Professional suite was intended to be a supporting product allowing for easier content creation. Our school’s main source of content came from games and tournaments. All of these events revolved around VNN’s event model, which were we started our first phases of planning.

Whiteboard Sketches


The plan was to replace the old product’s workflow with by editing events in the context they were being displayed. Not only had I seen staff attempt to do this during some previous prototype testing, it was a more intuitive approach than VNN’s existing product.




Although portions of Professional Suite were done in the context of a public facing product, the design goal of the back end was to stay true to the existing product and enhance the visual clarity of the UI. The existing visual direction was strong but was being underutilized, and with minor changes, I believed I could make improvements to the product’s functionality.

Professional Suite Design Examples


Professional Suite was showing promise as an efficient event creation tool, however other pieces required to paint the full picture are in stages I cannot show. The state of this project is incomplete, but I felt it was important to include one of the first projects I participated in that made use of a full UX process. The motivations behind professional suite were to solve a common problem shared by all VNN’s partner schools, but before I can say it did, additional phases of testing and iteration still need to be completed.